Travis Cadman of Investar USA: Californians Flocking to Cheaper Las Vegas

Business / Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

Las Vegas has gone by a slew of names over the years, ranging from Sin City to the City That Never Sleeps, and even the Entertainment Capital of the World. But now, many Californians are just happy to call this Nevada city home. That’s because as the cost of living skyrockets in states, such as California, residents are eager to relocate to lower-cost-of-living areas. And a city like Las Vegas checks all of the boxes due to its affordability combined with its many perks, form wonderful winter weather to excellent shopping and food, according to real estate guru investment expert Travis Cadman of Investar USA.

Research shows that when you compare Las Vegas with California, you’ll find lower condo and home prices, lower property taxes, and no income tax. In light of this, it’s easy to see why Las Vegas is attracting an increasing number of transplants from Sunny Cal.

Interestingly enough, an apartment complex in Los Angeles, California, recently distributed a leaflet telling its residents that they should move to Las Vegas, according to Las Vegas’s KTNV broadcast news station. The apartment complex that shared the leaflet apparently has several units in both California and Nevada and is trying to motivate more people to transfer to the latter state.

“It’s all about lifestyle, employment and affordability and if you can put a tax advantage in the mix you have a high probability of gaining the attention of people living in higher cost Cities.” Said Travis Cadman.  “For our company investing in a City such as Las Vegas simply means there will be demand for our apartment units with an upward pressure on rents along with a high probability of increasing our N.O.I. (net operating income). Las Vegas has come a long way over the years in setting itself up to be a desirable destination for various demographic segments and this will pay huge rewards for the Las Vegas region for many years to come.”

Cadman, who has been in the real estate business for over 30 years, has regularly demonstrated his ability to deliver sound investment strategies even in challenging markets and in climates that are economically depressed. He possesses a deep understanding of both residential and commercial real estate in Canada and the United States. In addition, he is keenly capable of identifying assets that are undervalued, as well as managing large numbers of real estate assets and leading development and construction efforts. Due to his extensive and multifaceted skill set, Cadman continues to be recognized as one of today’s most influential real estate investors.



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