True Space a Denver Business Incubator that Helps Small Businesses Thrive

Business / Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

If your business has gone through the startup phase and you are making it, but worried about how to move things to the next level, you have a right to be concerned. Although it is true that the startup phase is the most brutal, a good percentage of businesses never grow past being small, and many others get steamrolled by other small businesses that become bigger and take their clients. 

When you are transitioning, you need to have access to those assets that can help you continue to grow. True Space, a Denver based incubator specializes in helping small businesses become big ones. Working with them can be the best decision you make as an entrepreneur. Here are some of the things they will do for your company. 

They Provide Expertise in Deploying Your Capital Better

The vast majority of small businesses struggle with making decisions on how to best deploy their tight capital. Invariably they find themselves having to choose between several important items that need to be funded. In most cases some of those items don’t receive the funding they need. This can be detrimental to the growth and good health of the business. 

True Space has proven expertise in how to best spend company capital so it is most efficient and effectively used. They offer low cost rental space, and give companies access to many important assets at a fraction of their cost. 

One great example is business machines and software. They offer the latest computers, different types of business process software, and security often out of the cost range of small businesses to purchase. True Space secures these machines and other assets, then allows several businesses access to them for a reduced cost. The combined savings on rental space, software and hardware frees up valuable capital for other important company functions. 

They Assess Your Business and Then Help Position it For Fast Growth

Quite often, the struggle in taking a business through the start-up phase causes entrepreneurs to act as if they are constantly at war. With this thinking, the focus is placed solely on doing those critical up-to-the-minute tasks that make the difference between keeping the doors open or not. 

Although this ability to laser focus on a few critical components of your business is a great skill to have, it can often leave other parts of the business neglected. 

To grow to the next phase you will need to spread your focus to a multitude of key business areas that will directly translate to sustained growth. These priorities might mean that you need to examine specifically how you are spending your time and resources, and you might need to question whether those decisions are best for growing your business. 

True Space has proven expertise in deconstructing a business to find which parts are contributing effectively to the growth of the business and which ones might have lost their effectiveness may not be relevant anymore. 

They examine whether employees, business processes, locations, products and services, and many other business assets that you depend on currently, no longer fit with where you need to go   Working from plans and with you and your team at the center of this process, they assist you in implementing the plan. 

They then provide additional assets including strategic partners, and access to additional funding. 

With True Space, you gain a team of successful entrepreneurs who have a passion for your company’s success.

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