What Are Millennials Are Looking for in the Workplace?

Business / Monday, November 4th, 2019

Unlike other generations, millennials don’t have the same expectations of work. Growing up in the midst of the Great Recession, millennials understand that companies are not places to build their identities around. Unlike their parents, they don’t expect to work at the same company for the majority of their career, or even necessarily have the same career their whole working life. Instead, millennials in the workforce are more invested in work-life balance, having a positive work environment, a positive reinforcement loop, and real responsibility and leadership opportunities. With that in mind, here is why millennials feel as though they should be offered these opportunities in their workplace.

Flexible Schedule


Modern technology, particularly the internet, has made it so that the workflow of projects is a lot more efficient. No longer do workers need to keep track of the status of projects manually. Now, they can use a cloud-based project management system to keep track of projects, which saves manpower hours and production costs on various client projects. Millennials- who are the most competent with technology of any generation are preceding them – are aware of the cost-savings and time-savings that technology solutions provide.

As such, they don’t want to sit around an office every day, chained to their desk. They want to see companies trust them, and let them work on projects no matter the time of day, as long as they get done. Of course, client-facing positions are inherently less flexible, such as inside sales roles, as employees need to be present during business hours. Millennials recognize this, but they also want more freedom and control over their work schedules.

Ready to Take Charge


More so than any other generation, millennials have been primed to take charge of their own lives. This is more than just the stereotypical quip about millennials always receiving participation trophies. What this actually means in practice is that millennials were respected as children, and as a generation, they were groomed to think of themselves as capable and competent. And the truth is, they generally are. Although they are saddled by student debt like no generation before them, millennials have also attended college at unprecedented rates, and are ready and willing to take ownership of their careers. As such, millennials often think of themselves as their own best advocate, and they are unafraid of hierarchy and are willing to take chances and risks with their careers.

That’s not to say that millennials cannot operate within a corporate structure; it simply means that this generation is much more forward-thinking and is focused on making their careers as sustainable as possible. They expect to have to draw attention to themselves and their achievement to get recognized for promotion, and think of the workplace as a proving ground for them to prove their skills and show their employers how much value they can add to their company.  This makes millennials workers some of the most capable in any generation, and their willingness to buck conventional workplace norms only shows how dedicated they are to creating a more sustainable future for work in general.

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