What Should You Do If You’ve Been Accused of Theft at Work

Business / Sunday, January 10th, 2021

Being accused of theft at work will obviously have a stressful impact on your life, especially with the increased chances of losing your job, large fines or even going to jail. Whether it’s physical theft, small scale fraud, white-collar crimes or commercial crimes, it can land companies and individuals in very hot water. Bearing this in mind, it’s extremely frightening for those that have been wrongly accused. Here’s what you can do if you’ve been accused of theft at work.

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An Unbiased Opinion

Being accused of theft at a workplace can be a very distressing experience for any individual. However, when trying to take the right steps to clear your name, it’s important for you to seek legal advice from a trained professional within the legal field as one of your first steps. The idea of being accused of a crime you never committed is always going to be daunting; however, it’s important to seek legal advice when it comes to fighting your corner. As experts in the legal fields ranging from theft and property crimes to white-collar crimes, Lauren Campoli criminal defense attorneys here to help you with your case. They are able to offer their knowledge and assistance and guide you through all of their legal practices to ensure you are given a fair chance.

Gather All Evidence

It’s also important to make sure you have as much evidence as possible to fight your case, so be sure to keep a written record of everything that has happened which relates to the alleged offence, and keep a note of everything that is said in your presence. Try to keep a copy of all communications which relate to the accusation – this could be emails, documents or even letters. It’s also important to remember not to share anything that could implicate you, which includes apologizing to your employer.

The option to submit an appeal to your employer for your unfair dismissal should be given to you regardless, so it’s important to have all of the right and relevant documents at hand to help your case.

Know Your Rights

It’s important that as an individual, you understand where you stand with your employer regarding your working rights. You have the right not to be unfairly dismissed by your employer.

Your employer must show that your dismissal procedure was done correctly and fairly, and although allegations of theft at work do fall under potentially fair reasonings for dismissal, employers are required to show that your dismissal procedure was done impartially and fairly. They also need to show that your dismissal was substantively fair, which means that the decision to have you dismissed was reasonable in these circumstances.

You must also remember that if your dismissal is found to have been substantively unfair, then it is possible for you to succeed with an unfair dismissal claim.

While the whole process may seem long and exhausting, filled with many different and complicated procedures, we hope that by following this guide, it will help ensure that your investigation follows the correct and appropriate measures, which will hopefully result in clearing your name.

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