Which Tech Should I Learn In 2020?

Innovation / Saturday, February 1st, 2020

The usage of technology within business has definitely changed in the recently. Many different pieces of tech are, in fact, being used to run as many different features as possible. From front-end to backend purposes, technology has been evolving more and more, especially within the web-realm. Are you passionate about technology and are you looking for your new career? These are the top 4 tech skills you should have in your arsenal.


Javascript is the most used programming language within the front-end (and not exclusively) world. There are dozens of applications who have moved from a C++/C sharp architecture to a React/Vue one, mainly because of the fact that, being browser-hosted, they are very fast and therefore ultra performing. That, added to the fact that they are perfectly usable within your browser, makes them perfectly usable and compatible with what user experience standards currently are.

Javascript, especially within React, is very, very important for UI and it’s the single most required programming language within the creative industry.

Python and R

Data science has become another important, very impactful part within a lot of companies. The usage of Python to analyse and process numerical values in order to associate them with users has seen usages in marketing, lead generation, data regulation and much more. Python is very different from Javascript as it’s a very “analytical” programming language, with almost no creative outlets. Normally, the people who most suit data science-related applications are math lovers who also are keen to learn a bit of software development. R is also usually associated with Python, as it gives you the chance to create numbers-based algorithms which are supposed to automate certain features within an app/a piece of software.

CSS and SASS for design

Web design is also another subject which changed heavily in the past couple of years. If you’re a designer with a keen interest in app development, for example, you will be required some knowledge of CSS or SASS. These two “programming languages” are, in fact, still very required within the creative sector, given the fact that developers are pretty much reluctant towards them and so are pure designers. A company who focuses on app development in London has recently stated how much they are using CSS for their designs, instead of relying on other forms of graphics-related languages/software.


The world of mobile may have evolved a lot in the past couple of years but the programming languages needed for it have pretty much remained the same. Object C and Swift are still very much required skills for an iOS developer and this is set to remain the foundation for app developers, at least for the next 20 years. Swift and ObjectC are relatively easy to learn, compared to titans like Python and Javascript, so it may be worth considering them if you’re looking to kickstart your career within the bright world of app development (which is still going strong!)

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