Who Needs Digital Marketing Services When You Can Use These Helpful Tools Instead

Business / Saturday, August 10th, 2019

You might find it necessary to invest in digital marketing services if growing your business is on the agenda. Digital marketing experts can make a huge impact on the amount of sales generated and revenue earned. This is why it’s always a good idea to hire a professional for your marketing needs, right?


Actually, hiring a pro isn’t always necessary. In fact, there are a lot of marketing tasks that can be done on your own without expert intervention. Let’s rephrase that…there are many marketing tasks that can be done with the help of an expert app. Simply download one of these helpful digital marketing tools for outranking and outselling the competition.


Tools for Competitive Research


Staying ahead of the competition is a major aspect of marketing. There is no way to stay ahead of the main competitors of the industry if you have no insight into their business practices. The easiest way to do this is to check out your competitors simply by Googling them. This is a free tool that provides tons of valuable insights. For more specific intel on the competition, though, download one of these helpful tools.




Adbeat gives you a complete picture of a specific competitor’s advertising and marketing strategies. You’ll even gain access to their best ad, the one that leads to the most customer conversions. You’ll see everything from their leading landing pages to a complete list of sales funnels. We’re not suggesting for you to steal ideas on advertising. Simply use Adbeat to see what’s working for the competition and then use these insights to create an ad of your own.




The iSpionage digital marketing tool is exactly as it sounds – it is the ideal espionage tool for checking out the competition. BrightLocal says that iSpionage “is a great tool for finding out information about your competitors. You can use it to find your competitors’ most profitable keywords, and learn how they group their keywords, ads, and landing pages.” Similar to Adbeat, this gives complete insight on your competitors’ advertising.


Tools for Keyword Research and SEO


Looking into the competition’s advertising strategy isn’t the only smart digital marketing practice. You also need to be focusing on search engine optimization and researching keywords to rank as high as possible on Google. Google is the ultimate tool for consumers, so use it to your advantage. This tool can help.





SEMRush is just one of many tools for improving search engine rankings, but many experts call SEMRus the best one of all. This is especially true if you need help with keyword research. No matter how much keyword research you attempt to do on your own, SEMRush can do so much more than you could ever do alone.


Not only does a subscription to SEMRush offer up a solid list of keywords for ranking improvement, but it works to fully analyze web content. It even provides insight into backlinking, which is an SEO practice that even the marketing experts struggle with.









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