Why Corporate Housing is a Great Choice for Your Employees

Business / Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

If you have employees stationed in various locations and part of your responsibility to them is to provide accommodations, you have several different options. 

You can rent a home or condominium for them. You can put them up at hotels, motels or AirBnB type locations, or you can rent at corporate housing. Out of these options and any others corporate housing is by far the best choice. 

Here are the top 4 reasons to choose corporate housing over all other accommodation options for your employees. 

Designed to Fit Your Specific Needs

Corporate housing facilities are designed to meet the specific needs of corporate clients. They offer special rates for short, medium and long term stays, theyl also allow you to be flexible on rental agreements if something changes with your business plans. They know how to treat your employees so they feel at home in their new city. They also train their staff to be of great assistance to your employees so that they can get whatever they might need. Finally, they can accommodate your employees at multiple locations sometimes in different countries and do it all under one account. 

Good Pricing

Corporate housing is usually the same price, or a little bit more expensive than an apartment in the local area. This means that it is typically less than half the price of a quality hotel. When you compare it however to renting a condo or house for employees, it is much better value because of the added amenities. These include a pool, maid service, co-working spaces, and some even have restaurants and cafeterias. When you factor in that you can set the specific amount of time to rent, it becomes an unbeatable deal.

Great Environment

If you rent your corporate housing from a top brand name company, you can expect a great environment for your employees. The staff will be friendly and helpful. There will be adequate security to make sure that your employees are always safe. The building or complex will also be modern and have a professional feel.

All Inclusive

The corporate housing complex or building will be clean and nice and likely have several areas where they can relax. There will also be a pool and workout room that they can use. Some corporate housing even offers co-working spaces, so on those days when your employees do not need to go into the office, they can work from their accommodations. Some even have offices for rent at an hourly rate, so you can have meetings there. These offices come equipped with office machines and the internet. 

Corporate housing is a great option for you when you need to rent great, full-service housing for your employees. If you choose to rent corporate housing make sure that you use a company that specializes in servicing corporations like yours. And before you rent from them go and see the housing facilities to make sure it is what you want. 

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